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Facial Mirrors

    One of the most well-known types of all mirrors and also one of the most common is the vanity mirror. A facial mirror is a mirror used to check your appearance, apply makeup, do your hair, and basically help you to look your best. But of course they are not only functional but can be very attractive and really add to the look of your home too. Vanity mirror can be many different shapes and sizes, have frames, be frameless, come in multiple styles, and be attached to vanity furniture or mounted on the wall. Vanity mirrors can also be used in all different rooms of the house.
Wardrobe & Cabinet Mirrors
     Mirrored wardrobes are a great way to open up and brighten a room and they give you a way to check your outfit before leaving the house. They’ll reflect the natural light and add dimension to the room, making it feel more open, airy and spacious. It’s also useful to have large mirrors here so you can better assess your outfits in the morning, in case you don’t have a dressing room or a huge walk-in closet.
Brown & Gray Mirrors

      Our custom brown & gray mirrors are a deep, smokey color that evokes a truly modern feel for any space in your home. This type of unique specialty mirror tint is something you won't find everywhere! And the best part is that you can customize your gray mirror exactly how you want it. Here are a few fast facts about gray mirrors: you can customize the size, shape, and edge type for your gray mirror, gray mirrors come in a standard 1/4” thickness which is common for mirrors, your gray mirror will be delivered to your front door within 5-7 business days and we guarantee that it will arrive intact.

Bevelled Mirrors

​A beveled mirror is a mirror with edges cut at an angle, so that it gives an appearance of a mirror with a framed edge around it. A beveled edge gives the mirror a subtle, embellished look. A beveled glass mirror highlights the frame -- if it has one -- and gives it a finished look that a mirror with a straight edge doesn't have. The thicker the glass used, the more noticeable the beveled edge
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